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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Search Engine Optimization!

Every person who has launched a website recently must have spent sleepless nights thinking about the best methods that can be adopted to make their website ‘search engine friendly’! He has one consolation, though- every other person who has a website shares the same fate!

With the web being thronged by countless websites everyday, search engine optimization has become more challenging for many, and more interesting for some! Websites are increasing every passing minute and so it becomes difficult to hunt for these sites on search engines. So, they adopt certain techniques to make the ‘hunt’ for their websites easier; these techniques come under what we call search engine optimization.

• As they always say, content is the most important element in a website. What is an excellently designed page without the intended message? So, the web page should be filled with meaningful content that is worth being read. Users do not want to waste their time. So, meaningful, creative content always has its benefits!

• It is possible that some have misunderstood what is meant by ‘keyword density’. For one thing, it is definitely not forcing in words that are not necessary in irrelevant places. The Search Engine Optimization specialist derives some words that the users are most likely to use while searching for a particular web page and these words that are anticipated by him become the keywords. It does not mean that the page should be filled with these words. There should be a flow in the content and the subject being discussed should demand the usage of the keywords.

• Another important technique that will remain important, regardless of time, is ‘linking’. Blackhat SEO techniques actually exploit the usage of links. Sometimes users are led to a link that appears to be useful but only contains meaningless, useless content. Blackhat SEO is not entertained by search engines and is termed unethical. Links should be for relevant pages.

• It is always good to have a sitemap on all or most of your web pages. It will help the users to know where they are while they are visiting your website. It is just like visiting a new town on you own! It does good to have a map of the town in hand, does it not? (Whether it is comprehensible or not is a different matter altogether!) Nevertheless, it is better to have one. Similarly a detailed, clear sitemap will do a lot of good to your website. It will keep your visitors on your site. And when they know what is in store for them, their curiosity increases and they will visit more pages. This is a good Search Engine Optimization technique.

• It has to be understood that using unethical techniques are perhaps enough for quick benefits. But one would live to regret it because the easiest way to make enemies of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN is to use Blackhat SEO! So, use ethical Search Engine Optimization techniques and enjoy top ranks!